Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank You Double A

Its been ages since the last time i wrote a post here. Tears and sadness were everywhere.But who cares, things changed, human being and so does everything.

Let start a good opening for 2011 with a good plot,Hopefully..;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

beerbuka at kapitan

roti tissue

Last friday was a 'berbuka bersama2 classmates" at KAPITAN a restuarant in perda.
The food was mouth-watering, and it was a blast as all the nerds and gangsters gathered together before raya. We all ate the arabian food like nasi beriani, nasi tomato and some kebab.Esther a non muslim bumiputra even joined the berbuka on last fri. We enjoyed gossiping bout some nerd stuffs and ended with a kembung tummy.burpppp

Monday, September 14, 2009

EPL- The choosen one at last


At las,t after cantona left Man.u. I never had a favourite epl team until last season.
Went to mamak watching all those giant teams shooting the ball was a reason to hangout with beloved friends. Condemning losing teams is a fav hobby.But now,everything has changed in the new season as aleemy finally has his own fav team which is MANCHESTER CITY!! wehoooo.

bak datang la weyhh

Friday, August 28, 2009

Terawih No Moreh~its a rhyme


Pelepekk,sufff,kcikkkk...those are the sound of 'closing the locker,wearing jubah laju2,and locking the door.

it was raining and was thingking of to be anak solehah, pesan mama" Nanti duduk sana jangan tinggal sembahyang,rajin-rajin pegi sembahyang terawih".

Being the youngest and as an anak soleh,(eceyhh) borrowed jaafar's flowery umbrella,and walked to the mosque with full of keimanan di dada and done with 8 rakaat ,went out frm the mosque excitedly looking for moreh.

But too bad no moreh!!!.ahh..


Berbuka UITM style


With Rm5 in the pocket,my first meal during this Ramadhan was Nasi with Ayam Bakar Tasteless and Ikan Keli Masak Tah Ape Ape cooked by the makcik2 cafe .

Mak cik2 plss go and learn some more how to cook,sighhh

Bersila on the floor,thinking of mama at home, and slowly ate the the nasi without perasaan and at the same thats how i lose my weight.muahahaha.

Yeay2 Pakai Lab Coat



Ok class,all of u need to wear lab coat in this lab,anyone who doesnt have one,may get out frm this lab, and there u go "a long gulppppppp..."

Well dont worry,escapism technic is the most important in this kind of situation which is,ape lg pinjam laaaa!

hahaha. Once u wear it,u will feel closer to ur ambition-ENGINEER ..NOT!!